Google, You Disappoint Me

Well, that’s just great. You know, I was all set to look up some information about a side project of mine. So I hopped on Google and typed in Michelle Obama. What I found was…

What I found was horrible.

I’m not one of those Americans that says things like, “I hate this country,” just to sound worldly or fit in with the malcontents. We live in one of the most fortunate countries on earth and that’s a fact. Even when things are bad here, they’re still better than three-quarters of the other countries. I never forget that.

But, it’s also a fact that most other first-world countries truly dislike us. Wonder why?

The first link on the page (mind you, these are the non-personalized search results) links to a story about the First Lady‘s and her counterpart’s fashion sense. No, really. If you can’t read the headline, it’s “DECISION 2012: Michelle Obama vs. Ann Romney Fashion Face-Off.”

I know that it’s first on the list because it was the most recent article. I know that, okay? But shit, Google, does that really belong in the news portion and not the back of some women’s magazine?





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