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Hello, I’m Chris Mader, better known as the forum-creeping, video-posting, hyperlinking, all-around helpful guy, Raslazel. You’ll find my touch here and there around the internet, mostly on retro gaming or emulation forums and the like. For a time, I was posting videos on YouTube featuring Minecraft as the subject. I do hope to return to that soon.

As for the kind of writer I am, semi-professional would be the best term. In addition to doing some freelance writing for companies like Iron Realms Entertainment, I’ve been a long-time contributor to a few metal and gaming zines in Ohio. For fun, I tend toward dark prose and poetry and writing the occasional funny song. As these things, make up the bulk of my writing, I rarely just put to paper what’s on my mind. That covers the “life” category.

I’m passionate about gaming and retro gaming in particular. Pixels are my pals, sprites are superior and polygons are almost non-existent in my little universe. From Pong to Doom, I have a vast knowledge of old games and still regularly play them – even with access to a solid gaming PC and two current-generation consoles. Newer games with retro themes are happily included in this. These are mostly indie games and I love them all the same. That’s the “gaming” promise of this blog.

Going along with the above, I’m occasionally guilty of pixel art or pixel doodles. I’ll post what’s worth seeing, along with the desktop backgrounds I make when I get fed up with my current one. Feel free to download the wallpapers as you please and resize them to fit your screen if you like what you see. That’s got the “art” bit covered.

I can’t promise I’ll post in each group evenly, but I’ll do my best to keep new content rolling your way. Thanks for reading this and feel free to contact me using your preferred social networking service, e-mail or in the comments section of the relevant post.



2 responses to “About Me

  1. I remember reading your articles in high school. Still enjoy reading it.

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